Enjoyable Kumzits

Ahavas HaTorah has an elaborate kumzits every week, including cholent, guitars, singing and Divrei Torah. On Thursday nights, following a shorter night seder that culminates with Rabbi Spero's fascinating Chumash shiur, bochurim, Rebbeim, baalei batim and yungerleit gather together to get a head start on bringing in Shabbos and all of its warm ambience.

The weeks frenetic activity is wrapped up nicely with the inspirational kumzits. Everyone has the time to properly wind down and reflect on the past week by gathering together on Thursday night for Torah and singing.

Highlight of the Week

For many people throughout the community, the weekly kumzits is the highlight of the week. Men come from all around town to sit back, relax and lose themselves in the uplifting music.

Weekly kumzits at Yeshivas Ahavas HaTorah