Develop a Career

Yeshiva Ahavas HaTorah has a strong focus on assisting you to develop a career while learning in Yeshiva. While Bouchurim learn a full morning and night seder, they focus on their careers in the afternoon. Everyone needs to earn a living at some point and we will do everything we can to help you along the way to acquiring a way to make parnassah.

Earn a Degree

In a relatively short amount of time you can earn either a bachelor's degree or a master's degree (or both), while maintaining strong learning sedarim. We have partnerships with a number of schools, through which you can attend their accelerated programs. Some of these schools include:

Learn a Trade

College is not for everyone. Some bochurim prefer to learn a trade or a vocational skill. You can attend trade school to learn a vocation or have on-the-job training.

Throughout the community is a network of business owners who have agreed to work with us to help bochurim. We help bochurim find jobs and apprenticeships with people in the community, using this network. Having and keeping a job help each bochur learn responsibility and other valuable skills, that will help throughout your adult life.


  • Fully accredited degrees from established schools
  • Complete an undergraduate degree in 12-18 months, or a complete graduate degree in 18-24 months
  • Facilitate entrance into an MBA program or other graduate programs with a secular or rabbinic bachelor's degree
  • Online courses and evening classes
  • Personalized guidance from Rebbeim
Develop a career