Rabbi Spero attended Ner Yisroel and then Yeshivas Hanegev, where he grew close to HaRav Yissachar Meir zatzal. Rabbi Spero later learned at the Mirrer Yeshiva in Yerushalayim, where he received semicha from Rav Zev Leff.

Rabbi Spero served as Rav in Buffalo, New York and Aventura, Florida before becoming Menahel in Yeshivas Ahavas HaTorah. As a Rav, Rabbi Spero focused his energies on the youth, starting various programs to inspire local teens to real Torah growth. Rabbi Spero inspired many of these youths to later enroll in premier Yeshivos.

Rabbi Spero strikes a unique balance when mentoring bochurim of being someone they see as a trusted chaver and confidante. This is critical in these formative years, and a key element behind his success.

Letter to Potential Bochurim

In a small yeshiva, you can easily develop a close Rebbe-talmid relationship, allowing us to draw out your potential, maximize your growth and help your development in all aspects of life. We've created a yeshiva that's a fun place to live and learn. We want you to discover the joy of Yiddishkeit and learning and develop true ahavas Torah.
-Rabbi Spero, Menahel