Our Dormitory

Bochurim from out-of-town and in-town bochurim that wish to stay in our dormitory will find the dormitory to be both spacious and comfortably furnished. Yeshiva Ahavas HaTorah has a full kitchen in the dormitory, along with fitness equipment and a pool/ping-pong table. Bochurim enjoy daily delicious prepared meals. There are weekly arranged basketball games that bochurim can choose to join.

Walking Distance

The dormitories are within walking distance to many shops and restaurants, with plenty more a short drive away.


There are both indoor and outdoor recreational facilities nearby, for exercising or having fun.

Close to Tri-State Area

Traveling to the tri-state area is relatively easy; it is a short 7-8 hour drive or a 1-2 hour flight away from the greater Cleveland area. Many people that live here travel regularly to the tri-state area, as do many of our bochurim.

At A Glance

  • Spacious Dormitory
  • Full Kitchen
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Pool/Ping-pong Table
  • Daily Prepared Meals
  • Walking Distance to Many Shops and Restaurants
  • Indoor/Outdoor Recreational Facilities Nearby
  • Relatively Close to Tri-State Area