Our Many Shiurim

At Yeshivas Ahavas HaTorah, we place an emphasis on learning what you can do to approach Yiddishkeit in a way that it becomes understood and enjoyable. Hashkafa shiurim by Rabbi Weinberg cover many different aspects of Yiddishkeit, and are open to all discussions relevant to a Torah lifestyle. The bochurim are constantly intrigued during shiurim due to Rabbi Weinberg's unique and original way of looking at hashkafa, parsha and gemara.

List of Shiurim

  • Every morning is a half-hour hashkafa shiur
  • Gemara shiurim during first seder
  • Elective shiurim during second seder
  • Night seder with members of the community
  • Hashkafa shiur closes night seder
  • Thursday night comprehensive Chumash shiur by Rabbi Spero
  • Thursday night schmooze by the kumzits
  • On Friday all the bochurim speak about the parsha